The Sanathana Dharma Ashram was founded in 1996

with the aim of helping underprivileged children. It started with 2 children and currently has 33 children and young adults ranging from 8 years of age to 22 years. 17 young people attend full time education, 1 person is in Teacher’s Training College and 15 others are in skill training.

This is not just a building of brick and mortar but a house filled with love and joy which the children and young people could proudly call their ‘home’. We only accept children from the following backgrounds:

  • Children who are orphans.
  • Children from broken homes with parents who are unable to care for them.
  • Children from single parent families where the parents themselves have difficulties in coping with their own problems.
  • Children who have been physically and emotionally abused

We are pleased to state that so far more than 80 children and young people have benefitted from their stay here and have moved on successfully. Some have gained diplomas while others have secured employment and are living a happy and normal life. It is satisfying that most of the young people who have left here still maintain contact with us and some also visit on special occasions to spend time with our young people. Some young adults who have left have even chosen to return here to get married.

For those who are here and for those who have left, THIS WILL ALWAYS BE THEIR HOME AND FAMILY TO BE PROUD OF.


The two storey building beside the hall is for boys and the two room on the top floor are their dormitories,

Another two storey building is designated for the girls and has the following facilities:

. 2 large dormitories

. Dry and wet kitchens

. Dining hall

. Guest rooms

. Sick bay for the young people

. Lobby

The orphanage has purchased 3 vans from donations. These vans are mainly used to safely transport young people to schools and for educational visits.


The children and young people take part in both indoor and outdoor activities. They include:

  1. Weekly lessons on Hinduism:
    The lessons include Basic Hindu Philosophy, Meditation and Yoga and are conducted by volunteers.
  2. Daily Puja and Bhajans:
    Every morning and evening the children gather together to participate in a puja. The puja is conducted by the older children. Bhanjans are conducted in the evening before dinner.
  3. Handicraft Classes:
    The creativity of the children is encouraged by making handicraft which will be used in various fund raising schemes.
  4. Outdoor activities include trips with visitors.

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